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Let’s Collaborate: 
Become a Member of the PHraseD, LLC Family

I am excited to work with you and share several options for collaboration. PHraseD, LLC is about “making the write impact” and making life simpler for moms and teachers. I take pride in providing exceptional customer service and quality written products for all members of the PHraseD family.


I have written and edited for small to mid sized businesses, have worked in marketing and promotions, am a veteran teacher and have a PhD in curriculum and instruction. You can rest assured that your words are in good hands with me.Wondering how you can become a member of the PHraseD family? Here are some options:  

The ways in which I’d love to work with you or your company are:

  1. Providing business writing  and educational writing services 

  2. Sponsored Blog Posts

  3. Sponsored Social Media Posts

  4. Affiliate Marketing

  5. Guest Post/Freelance Writing

  6. Product Reviews


Guest Posters Welcome



























PHraseD, LLC is always on the lookout for new ways to assist teachers, mothers and small business owners to   navigate their lives. We believe in providing an inspirational outlook and also simplifying how to write well to achieve your goals. If this aligns with you or you have an idea for a post that will be meaningful to teachers and mothers, I’d love to hear from you. I'd love to feature your best writing and editing tips or time saving recipes.

Simply send an email to phrasedllc@ Please place the words Guest Post place in the subject line of your email.


Guest Post Minimum Standards:

  • Original: Your post cannot have been published anywhere else on the web.

  • A minimum of 1000 words

  • Centered around an SEO researched keyword with appropriate headings and keyword placement throughout the post.

  • Please provide a picture and the details for all of your relevant links, including social media accounts.

  • Follow all of my social media platforms:  


Follow PHraseD on Facebook

Follow PHraseD on Instagram

Follow PHraseD on Pinterest

Follow PHraseD on Twitter

Following my social media accounts will make it easier to cross promote the post easily. I will of course follow you as well.

You also must accept that I will have the final say when it comes to edits/revisions of your work. I will make every effort to ensure that this is agreeable to you too. (This may include rewording, additions, deletions and optimizing the post for SEO and readability purposes).

You do not need to worry about images, unless you would like to provide options. I will create all pins and cover images.

Why should you join the PHraseD family? Well, you’ll be able to

  • connect with or expand your target audience, 

  • collaborate with someone else in your niche,

  • build essential links for your blog  


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me @ 

















I look forward to working with you and/or your submission!


PHraseD's Collaborations

Here are some collaborations I have had recently.

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