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Save Time and Money (9 Awesome DIY Book Character Costumes +41 Ideas )

Teacher Book Character Costumes

Teacher book character costumes or storybook character costumes for teachers didn't exist growing up in Jamaica. There wasn’t a Halloween or many opportunities to “dress up,” so when I became a teacher and learned about diy storybook character costumes for teachers, I was truly excited. I love coming up with book character day ideas or ideas for book character costumes and now it has become my Superbowl of sorts.

There are several opportunities during the school year when my teacher book character or diy storybook character costumes for teachers list comes in handy. For example, during the actual storybook character day, spirit days or weeks, author celebrations , Read Across America day or week, on Dr. Seuss day, Grinch day or other Christmas festivities and also during Halloween.

Since schools are operating so differently, I wanted to help homeschooling parents or those engaged in distance learning with a challenge. Let's challenge our children, or work with them based on a book they've read or a favorite book, to create a diy children's book character costume. Let them use their creativity and on hand supplies to bring their diy children's book character costume to life. These diy book character costumes can also be based on special themes like Children's Book Week.

Share your creations on social media with the tag or hashtag #diychildrensbookcharactercostumechallenge. Let's make and keep learning fun as much as possible.

At my school, we do not celebrate Halloween, per say, but students and teachers are able to dress up as their favorite storybook characters. Way more than the students, the teachers love this opportunity to show our students our personalities and we often dress up in creative teacher book character costumes, on our own, or as grade level teams.

What is Book Character Day or Storybook Character Day?

Storybook or Book Character day is a day when students and teachers dress up as their favorite book or storybook characters. Parents and teachers alike are always frantically searching for ideas for book character costumes ideas for boys, girls, adults and grade level teams. Some typically select classic storybook characters, but others venture out to the top storybook character at that time. I love Book Character Day or Storybook Character Day (depending on your school) and dress up faithfully each year.

How to Make Book Character Costumes at Home?

For the past few years, I have tried to spend as little money as possible, which means looking into some book characters that wear normal clothes or as I call them my DIY book character costumes. Since becoming a mom, I've also had to cut down on the amount of time that goes into my ideas for book character costumes and find some easy to make teacher book character costumes, while still coming up with some awesome teacher book character costumes (if I may say so myself).

These 9 time and money saving DIY book character costumes for teachers will work for adults, grade level teams, boys or girls. I wanted to share them here with you to help as you prepare. I think unanimously these have also been the top teacher book character costumes I've taken on in my students' opinions as well. Here are my 9 best teacher book character costume ideas, in no particular order.

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1. Hermione Granger

D.I.Y. book character costumes or storybook character costumes for teachers. Example one Hermione Granger. Ideas for book character costumes for teachers and students.
DIY Book Character Costumes for Teachers: #1: Hermoine Granger

This teacher book character costume was an easy DIY book character costume to create. My Hermione Granger idea for a book character costume extremely simple. Best of all, all the pieces for this homemade story book character costume came completely from my closet. I combined a black skirt and gray sweater with a white button up shirt. Then I found a tie in the same color family as the Hogwarts’ tie. I also found a stick from outside to use as my makeshift wand and voila a time efficient and budget friendly teacher book character costume for Hermione. This DIY book character costume for teachers was cheap and was easily a favorite idea for book character costumes with all my little Harry Potter fans.