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The 21 Best Websites You Need To Engage Your Bored Child

Parents and teachers , in the face of the virtual learning that will need to happen over the next week or weeks due to Covid-19, I’ve compiled some of my most highly recommended online learning resources for students to help ensure that students are actively learning, engaged and not bored or running out of quality learning experiences during this time.

Most of these online learning resources for students have been kind enough to waive their normal subscription packages to ensure that parents and teachers have access to quality online learning sites for students.

I will continue to add to this list as time permits and as I recall others that may prove valuable as an online learning resource for students. I must point out that these online learning resources should be used in addition to what has been provided by their teachers or schools.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click and buy, I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Please see my full disclosure policy for details.

First up on the list is :

Google Classroom is an online learning resource for students that functions as an online classroom . This online learning resource for students was created by Google and allows teachers, students and parents to communicate quickly about academic information. It is an online learning resources where teachers share resources and where students can turn in and communicate with their teachers and peers on assignments.

During this time, parents can allow students to work in this online learning resource to complete assignments, to ask their teacher questions and to share what they are working on with their classmates to reduce the feeling of isolation. This will help to make learning feel a bit more normal.

If your child’s or children's teacher uses this online learning resource for students (Google Classroom), they will have a login and password, normally the same as what they use to log into computers at their school to get into their online class.

They will need to go to Google Classroom and log in to get into the online learning resource and work in their classes.

Newsela is an online learning resource for students that I love. It provides current events non-fiction reading passages and questions that are written at your child’s or children's level (look at the Lexile reading level next to the title of the article.

Newsela also is available in Spanish if needed. One of the great things about this online learning resource that will be helpful to parents and children is that each non-fiction current even article comes with a key, so parents can check their children’s work with ease.

Newsela is one of the online learning resources that has waived their subscription fees to ensure students have access to great learning experiences during this time.

ReadWorks is another online learning resource for students that provides reading materials and comprehension questions for students. Unlike Newsela, this online learning site provides fiction and non-fictions passages. Each passage or poem comes along with comprehension questions and a key so that parents can easily check the understanding of their child.

Noredink is easily one of my favorite online learning resources for students, as any of my students will tell you. It provides explicit grammar and writing instruction that is personalized to each individual student. In my class, students login and practice on Noredink for the first 10-15 minutes of class on their lowest grammar skill, as assessed by a pretest. By using Noredink,your child will be able to learn about and practice grammar and writing skills through their favorite series, movies, football players and even pets, to name a few..

Your child’s or children’s teacher may already have a classroom set up and in that case they will just sign in as they would normally do. If they don’t use it already, you can create a profile for them that will allow them to practice on the grammar and writing skills aligned to their state and grade level.

Quizlet is another of my favorite online learning resources to use with children. It gives them access to a wide variety of quizzes, tests, games in many subject areas like science, math and reading.

Your child’s or children’s school may already use Quizlet and in that case they will sign in like they do at school. If they have not used this online learning resource for students before, then they would sign up with their school email and then search for quizzes, games or tests on the specific subjects or topics they want help in.

Quizlet is not just a teacher favorite, it is a student favorite because of a feature called Quizlet live, In Quizlet live children can form teams and work together in a fun game to master skills on specific topics. My students love Quizlet live and your child will definitely love it as a different method of online learning.

Kahoot is another prized online learning resource for students. It is similar to Quizlet because children get to show their mastery in specific subjects by playing fun quizzes set to high paced music. Kahoot has the added challenge of a timer that runs down. Children earn more points for responding correctly and quickly. They earn less points for responses that are slow and correct or incorrect.

On Kahoot students answer multiple choice questions about a wide variety of topics and subjects for many grade levels.

This online learning resource for students is popular so changes are your child/children are already familiar with it and will know how to access it to play and learn.

Gimkit is the newer online learning resource for student as is similar to Kahoot and Quizlet live. Gimkit can be helpful to students learning virtually because they will work as a team to complete multiple choice challenges on specific subjects and topics.

GimKit lets students use special features to “ice out” or slow down opponents, so it makes the game more fun and forces them to use problem solving skills as they master content.

Again, this is an online learning resource that your child, especially those upper elementary and above will be familiar with and know how to use. It will also give them a chance to work together with friends and classmates.

8. IXL

IXL is an online learning resource for students that provides teaching resources and practice through multiple choice questions and quizzes to help children learn and practice old and new skills. This online learning resources is organized by grade level and subject area to make it easy for children to focus on what they need.

Teachers use this resource to help reteach skills and have children challenge them self on specific topics.

Your child will probably be familiar with IXL and will need little assistance to log in and work.

Scholastic is most widely known as a bookseller, but they are also an excellent online learning resources for students. They have released a new program called Scholastic Learn at Home which provides daily projects and activities to keep children engaged.

Each activity has a high interest, on grade level article that can even be read to the student, if needed. After each passage, students are given activities to see how well they comprehended the passage and to continue their learning, if that topic interests them.

The Scholastic Learn at Home online learning resource for students is organized by grade level. Each lesson also has teaching resources that can be used in addition to the primary reading passage.

Sora is an app or online learning resource for students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade. It is a virtual library with thousands of books that students can check out and read. Many school systems have purchased Sora for their students and your child may already be an expert and logging in and checking out books.

If they do have the program and need a refresher, you can reach out to your school’s librarian or their homeroom teacher electronically for their login and password information.

An excellent feature of this online learning resource for students is that it features audio books and children are also able to take notes on the books they are reading. The app responds to students and will give recommendations about the book they should read next and students can earn different badges and awards for their reading.

You can download Sora as an app or use it from a computer.

Renaissance Place is an online learning resource for students where they can take AR, Star reading and Math to see how well they are making progress towards goals for that grade level. It will let you know how well your child or student comprehended a book they’ve read and help you go over the types of questions they are struggling with.

Renaissance Place is typically purchased by schools and your child or children will know the information they need to log into the online learning resource. If they have forgotten, consider reaching out to your child or children’s teacher for assistance.

12. Epic

Epic is another online learning resource for kids that provides access to online books like Sora. They currently have over 35, 000 titles available for students. Children can use Epic to continue reading while at home.

Many schools have purchased this online learning resource for students and children should know or will be able to contact a teacher to find out their log in and password information.

Khan Academy is a handy online learning resource for students that can be used to teach new skills or reteach skills a child has not mastered. This online learning resource provides video tutorials and practice exercises, so children can see if they have mastered a concept.

You or your child will need to sign up for Khan Academy before using their services. They provided online learning resources for students in math, science and engineering, arts and humanity and test prep for colleges.

BrainPop is a favorite online learning resource for students that targets Kindergarten through 12th grade. They also have another online learning resource for students called BrainPopJr..

In BrainPop and BrainPopJr.'s online learning resource for students children learn skills in short animated videos. They are also given brief questions throughout the video to ensure they are understanding the information being taught.

BrainPopJr is a good online learning resource for students who are still learning how to read because information is shared through videos in a fun and easy to access way.

SchoolTube is an online learning resource for students that is like YouTube for children. It is mainly focused on children from kindergarten to twelfth grade and provides videos to teach or reteach a large variety of topics.

Some of my favorite videos to use on this online learning resource for students are the School House Rocks videos on grammar, the Magic School Bus and the Bill Nye the Science Guy videos on a variety of science concepts.

I have used this online learning resource for students since I became an educator 15 years ago. It provides high quality videos on grammar, math, science and social studies concepts.

This online learning resource for students has helped me to teach the constitution, main idea, animal adaptations and so many others. Inside each short video, on this online learning resource for students, there are typically short answer or multiple choice questions to help children practice and learn each concept.

Flocabulary is a student favorite when it comes to online learning resources for students. Flocabulary provides information to students through catchy rap songs and videos that will help them to learn the material and remember it more easily. I especially love to use it for social studies, where it is sometimes hard for children to remember all those dates, events and people.

MobyMax is another excellent online learning resource for students that provides information that is appropriate for learners in many different formats. This online learning resource is perfect for struggling learners who may need to see and practice the information in a new way.

MobyMax is an online learning resource for students that is commonly purchased by and used school-wide, so your child may already have a login and password set up, so that they can just continue to work on the skills they need help mastering.

MobyMax’s online learning resource is mainly for students in Kindergarten through eight grade, but covers a wide range of topics such as Math, Reading, Language, Spelling, Science, Social Studies. They also provide online learning resources for students who are working on sight words, alphabet sounds and phonics.

Many schools have been pushing a commitment to STEM and inquiry based learning, so your child might be bored with too many paper and pencil learning activities. Let the online learning resource for kids, Mystery Science, help you to keep your child or children engaged in scientific inquiry.

Here’s another online learning resource for students that emphasizes scientific inquiry and reading. National Geographic Kids is an online and print newspaper for kids that provides information and questions on a wide variety of topics related to science.

Use it to help your child as they research topics for their school assigned virtual learning days or to challenge them to learn more about a topic they are independently interested in.

Time for Kids is another online learning resource for students that provides reading material about a wide variety of subjects and topics that will help to keep students engaged.

It features bright charts and pictures and is aligned to all the state standards and curriculum. Information on this online learning resource for students is organized by grade levels, making it easier to find appropriate materials for your child.

Blooket is the newer kid on the block of the educational games and offers fun multiple choice questions to review a variety of topics. Children love Blooket because of the game modes, which change often, and also because they are able to "steal from" or "sabotage" classmates while playing. One of the best features about Blooket is that it can be played live, as homework, independently or in teams.

As a reminder, none of these online learning resources are meant to replace the curriculum that has been supplied by your child's teacher or schools. However, in the event you have a child that needs information provided in a different way, slower, more deeply or who just needs to be challenged during this virtual learning time, please make use of these 21 best online learning resource to make sure your child or children are engaged and still making progress this school year.

Looking for additional ways to challenge and support your students? Check out my greatest writing prompts for kids post, personalized nonfiction practice, games and activities on Martin Luther King and my information on how to start a chess club or in your case, how to teach chess to your child while at home, if you happen to have a board. Does your child love research projects and using their creativity? Then have them complete this unique black history lesson for kids.

Do you have younger children? Need tips and help to keep them learning at home too? Take a look at these suggestions for simple STEM experiments and easy and unique preschool activities at home. Do your children need a break from learning? Have a book character costume day or week or spirit week where your children or the entire family creates diy book character costumes. You could still use the learning connection from favorite books, but in a creative way that everyone will enjoy.

I will post follow-ups to help start teaching chess to your children. Lastly, if your child or children want some pleasure reading, or if you do, check out my I am an Island Girl series that tells about what life was like for me growing up in Jamaica. It will give you some much needed laughs.

If you found any of this information helpful, please save and considering sharing it with others who may need academic support through online learning resources for students and their own children. Want to continue to receive helpful information for moms and teachers? Click the join button at the top of this page to subscribe.



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