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About PHraseD

About PHraseD

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Do you struggle with writing or need help to write right and “ Make The Write Impact”? Does the thought of writing make you nervous and result in hours of torture staring at a blank screen or paper? It doesn’t have to be that way.


PHraseD, LLC is here to help individuals and small businesses write right and “Make the Write Impact.” Starting or running a business is difficult. There are many moving parts from branding, marketing on social media and other platforms and handling day to day operations. Figuring out how to write right to attract your target audience shouldn’t be an additional challenge and PHraseD is here to make sure that it isn’t.


Maybe you’re an individual who has a blog, but doesn’t enjoy editing or creating the constant content that is needed. PHraseD can help you there too. 


PHraseD is here to help:


  • Bloggers create blog posts

  • Small businesses create content for their website and social media

  • Individuals create resumes and cover letters

  • Indviduals and small businesses edit written content


If you’re ready to eliminate the stress of writing and write right to find success in your chosen pursuit. Schedule a free consultation today with PHraseD today. 


Don’t spend another moment agonizing over what to say on your website to attract your target audience. 


Stop wasting hours of your precious time only to hate what you’ve written and then have it be ineffective. 


Start spending more of your time on the parts of your life and business that you enjoy and that will bring a better return on your time investment. 


Starting today, stop:


  • Making resumes that don’t show your true value

  • Writing social media posts that go unnoticed

  • Putting out grammatically incorrect and ineffective content

  • Wasting time and energy that could be spent elsewhere


Hi. I’m Dr. Kimberlie Harris.


I have loved writing and have written since a very young age. I have spent countless hours helping family members, friends, coworkers and many others write right. 


In 2010, I helped a friend create the website copy for their business and then assisted with several other aspects of the literature needed for marketing and branding. It felt good to revisit my old stomping grounds.


My love of writing started with poetry, short stories and essays. As an undergraduate student, I worked as the editor of two newsletters. 


When I first graduated with my dual Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Spanish, I worked in marketing and promotions and also as an assistant editor for a local magazine. I created taglines, promotional ads and campaigns and edited a variety of content for publication.


The experience of helping a friend with their promotional and advertising literature reminded me of how much I love thecontent creation and made me start actively seeking out ways to help others individuals and small businesses “Make the Write Impact.” 


Writing and editing brings me a different type of joy to the feeling of teaching language arts to students, which I have done for the past 14 years . During that time, I have also completed my master’s degree in early childhood education and PhD in Curriculum and Instruction.


Helping people write right and communicate in ways that improves their life is at the core of PHraseD. 

Still undecided? See what members of the PHraseD family are saying about our services. Don’t be left out. Let PHraseD help you to write right and “Make the Right Impact.”

Make the Write Impact

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