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Our founder, Dr. Kimberlie Harris, loves writing. She began writing poetry, short stories and essays, personally and competitively, at a young age in Kingston, Jamaica, where she was born and raised. From about the age of seven, she kept writing journals and filled them with everything from special interest to birthday and holiday poems, which she delivered as gifts to close family and friends.


From there, she competed in essay, short story and poetry competitions/bashes. She also published works in local newspapers and poetry anthologies. Dr. Harris quickly became the go to person, among family and friends, when they needed something written or edited.


One of her favorite things to write was poetry, on behalf of her brothers, for the young ladies they courted. Her friends, in high school, loved reading the fictional stories she created using them as main characters. The most beloved of these being an account of her closest friends meeting, falling in love with and settling down with members of the Backstreet Boys.


After high school, Dr. Harris traveled to Macon, Georgia on a scholarship to Wesleyan College. There, she completed dual Bachelors of Arts degrees in English and Spanish. At Wesleyan, she produced newsletters for both the English and Spanish departments and was one of the authors of the winning Purple Knight Stunt production (play) in 2006. 


After graduating, Dr. Harris worked in marketing and promotions, and began work in professional writing and editing as an assistant editor. She then completed her Masters in Early Childhood Education (Wesleyan College), while gaining certification as a teacher. Shortly thereafter, she completed her doctoral studies, with a PH.D in Curriculum and Instruction, from Mercer University in Macon, GA.


Dr. Harris has 13 years of experience in education and has mainly taught Language Arts to kindergarten through fifth grade students. She has in depth knowledge of Georgia curriculum standards and has written lesson plans, curriculum, and testing materials at the local and state level. She has continued to write for academic and non academic purposes and has several books and projects in the works that she is seeking to publish, within the next few years.


Dr. Harris enjoys writing and helping others who struggle with clearly communicating their thoughts. She is dedicated to helping new and experienced teachers create high quality educational resources. She also wants to help small business owners exceed their goals by helping them to create professional writing that gets their business noticed. PHraseD is the manifestation of all of those desires.

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