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Inspiring Black Boys to Read with Quality Children's Books


"Discover engaging books for young boys, with a special focus on positive representation for black boys, at PHraseD Jr. We're here to inspire and encourage children, especially boys, to embrace the joy of reading.

Our Boys Unboxed Series celebrates their uniqueness and fosters a love for reading. Beyond books, we offer a wealth of resources for families and teachers to inspire young readers.


Join us in empowering young black boys through stories. PHraseD Jr. is your trusted companion on the journey to nurturing a lifelong love for reading.

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You will receive our FREE Reading Interest Inventory as well as 13 top tips to inspire your child to read.

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Give The Gift Of Reading!

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I Love a Good Book

From learning his letters and shapes with Grandma first thing in the morning to snuggling up with Daddy after a bath, one little boy loves time spent reading a good book with his loved ones. But, he has a secret! Can you guess his favorite way to read a good book? Jump into the pages of this delightfully tasty book to find out what makes reading so great!


“Inspires young ones to love a good book. The bright, vivid colors and charming story line makes reading a book with dad, mom, gramma (sic) or the librarian a favorite thing to do.”


“ This is a wonderful book to encourage a love of books and reading.”


“This is a great book for all kids, but especially little boys. Boys need to see themselves in books and this book does just that.”


“It’s very endearing to see how this little boy’s love of books is tied to the special people in his life and the connection he builds with them through reading.”

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As seen on PBS and as used in United Way’s Read First program and the A.I.R.100 Reading program.

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Step into a wonderful "dog filled" world.


“Look, a dog!”


Kingston loves dogs, and he loves seeing them everywhere he goes. But when he starts pointing to other animals and calling them dogs, too, can Mom convince him that there are other animals to enjoy?

Find out what happens in Wondogfilled, a story about a young boy and his big love for dogs.


“Wondogfilled: Look, a Dog" by Dr. Kimberlie Harris is a heartwarming and endearing tale that celebrates the joy of discovery, the warmth of parental love, and the magic of childhood imagination. This book is a must-read for dog-loving kids and their families, and it will surely leave young readers with a smile on their faces and a deeper appreciation for the wonderful world of animals.”

“Dr. Harris has written a story that helps parents to teach their young children about the world around them. This would be a great book for the bookshelf of any new parent!”

“It is a must-read for anyone who loves dogs and wants to inspire the next generation of animal lovers.”

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