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Welcome to PHraseD, Jr.

PHraseD, Jr. is the baby or offshoot of its parent, PHraseD and its goal is to help children become more literate. The PHraseD, Jr. tagline perfectly sums up its goals , "Big on literate kids. " PHraseD Jr. will provide information on literacy, books, reading and instructional approaches and ideas for teachers and to help parents and any others who work with children to improve literacy outcomes.  

In addition to providing resources, PHraseD, Jr. creates and publishes books that will help children to develop a love for reading. The first book from PHraseD, J. will be released late 2021 and is called I Love a Good Book. I Love a Good Book is the first in a series of books that will later be released to specifically encourage reading in young boys.

Coming Soon I Love a Good Book.png

From learning his letters and shapes with Grandma first thing in the morning to snuggling up with Daddy after a bath, one little boy loves time spent reading a good book with his loved ones. But, he has a secret! Can you guess his favorite way to read a good book? Jump into the pages of this delightfully tasty book to find out what makes reading so great!

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