Bad Dawg Dem (Bad Dogs)

I started school at 2 and a half, not three like most children. ‘cording to mi fada mi did too nuff and ask tuh much question (According to my father, I acted like an adult and asked too many questions). Since my family knew the owners of the basic school (daycare and pre-k) and they verified I was ready, I started school early, which was fine by me. I had things I wanted to know and I was wearing out my own family with all my questions.

Going to school meant more work for my brothers, who were already quite sick of their little sister, but hey that wasn’t my fault. You see, my brothers had to walk me to school, which was past their own school and then turn around and come back to their own school. Don’t feel too sorry for them though because we had fun on our walk.

To get to my school, Clydesdale Basic School, we had to walk through several lanes and streets, cross a bridge over a gully (opening where water from rains and other run off washed through), then cross a fairly busy road and then walk through several more streets and lanes. It sounds longer and worse than it really was.

We left early in the morning and walked and played together. Everybody knew my family or that’s what it felt like, so it was like we had checkpoints along the way. The ladies in the lane, right by the clinic, always rushed us along.