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Everyone Hates the "D" Word in Education!

How do you fit differentiation into your lesson planning?

Everyone hates the "D" word in education, I promise! Don't believe me. Ask any teacher you know what "D" word I'm referring to and then come back and check this blog in 5, 4, 3, 2,1. Have you asked? Ready to see if they told you the same word I'm referring to?

The dreaded "D" word, in education, is differentiation. What is differentiation, and why is it so hated? Differentiation addresses a wide variety of teaching styles, lesson adaptations, and myriad assessment types to meet the needs of all the diverse learners in a classroom setting. Now, my non-educators are thinking, what's wrong with that? Nothing, it's an appropriate and intentional way for teachers to consider the needs of all their students, but it is often hated because it tends to be illusive. New and even experienced teachers struggle to generate lessons that encompass all the needs of the learners in their care, and worse it is even harder to show you're differentiating, at a high level, to an administrator during evaluations.

This is where, PHraseD, llc comes in. We would love to help you compose a multifaceted approach to differentiation in your room via lesson plans and assessment tools. Our lesson plans will feature a plethora of instructional strategies to meet the various learning styles and multiple intelligences present in the students in your room. Additionally, we can provide assessment tools such as playlists, checklists, choice boards, and tiered activities to accommodate children at varying degrees of mastery. Students will feel successful,while moving at their own pace, receive appropriate instruction, and feel empowered by learning opportunities that celebrate their individual strengths! Here at PHraseD, we understand how challenging and intense the creation of well constructed lesson plans can be and would love to be of assistance. Need a guide to create your own differentiated lesson plans? We're available for coaching. Interested in the assessment tools mentioned above? We'd love to hear from you. Contact us today to see how we can help you "make the write impact."


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