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25 Super Activities to Make This Children's Book Week The Best One Ever

Do you know that Children’s Book Week is coming and have you already started planning your activities for Children’s book week? No? Well, there’s no need to worry. I’ve got you covered. For those of you who have been following me, you know that I am a teacher and Children’s Book Week is similar to the super bowl for me. I tend to pull out all the stops to razzle and dazzle my students through dressing up as famous children’s book characters, planning activities based on that year’s theme and more.

This year, Children’s Book Week is even more precious for me because I am working to self publish my debut children’s book, I Love a Good Book. Want to learn more and give me feedback or cheer me on along the way? CLICK HERE. Now, let’s jump into learning all about Children’s book week and let’s find the best activities for Children’s Book week that will get your little learners excited.

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What is Children’s Book Week?

Children’s Book week is exactly what it sounds like a week that is dedicated to celebrating books for children, reading and the joy it brings. Children’s Book Week was first celebrated in 1919. A fun fact is that it is the longest running celebration of literacy in the United States.

Who Celebrates Children’s Book Week?

Another question you may have is who celebrates Children’s Book Week. The answer is everyone who cares about childhood literacy. Specifically teachers, librarians, authors, illustrators, bookstore owners and families.

When is Children’s Book Week Celebrated?

Children’s book week is celebrated during one designated week each year. From 1919 to 1944, Children’s Book week was celebrated in November. In 1944, it was moved to May. However in 2019, it was celebrated November 4-10th to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Children's Book Week celebrations. In 2020, Children’s Book week was scheduled for August 22-28 (due to covid), but then was postponed. Regardless of the week that Children’s book week is celebrated, it is an amazing time for families, schools and other people and organizations that love books and children to celebrate the joy of books .

What is Children’s Book Week all About?

Children’s Book week is about children and books. It really is that simple. It is a celebration of books, literacy, children and all other people such as writer and illustrators who love books. One of the major goals of Children’s Book Week is to unite authors, illustrators, teachers, parents and children through celebrating their love of reading.

What are the different names that Children’s Book Week is called?

Children’s Book Week is called many things. It is most commonly called Children's Book Week, but sometimes it is called by some other names. Some of the most popular include Book Week and National Children’s Book Week. Regardless of the name that is used, Children’s Book Week is still dedicated to books and the joy that they bring to children.

Who coordinates and organizes Children’s Book Week?