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Startling Facts on the Corona Crisis and its Effects on Education

The Corona Crisis has affected every aspect of our lives. Learn about its effect on education in the UK, Hungary and in Germany.
The Corona Crisis and its Effects on Education

We’ve all been affected by the Corona crisis. One section of our societies that has been hit pretty hard has been education. Across the board, there has been a huge struggle to adjust and deliver educational plans and experiences that are appropriate for students as young as preschoolers and all the way up to students in colleges and universities. Parents have had to become creative in their approaches to teaching their children from home, sometimes with and without direct guidance from schools, teachers and governments.

Unfortunately, the corona crisis and it’s effect on education has not just been felt in the United States, but in countries all over the world.

This week, I’m truly excited to introduce my PHraseD family to a guest author. Tamas is an English teacher and also runs a blog over at Learn English With Tommy. His post will help to provide a picture of what the Corona Crisis and its effect on education has looked like in the Uk, in Hungary and Germany.

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Corona Crisis and the Effects on Education in the UK, Hungary and Germany

The Covid-19 (corona) crisis has put us all under pressure, whether it be as parents or teachers. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see how different countries reacted to the crisis and whether it had a big influence or the effects it had on education.

Here are the things I will be looking at in the blog post:

  1. Corona Crisis: General Effects of Covid-19

  2. Corona Crisis Effects on Education in the UK

  3. Corona Crisis Effects on Education in Hungary

  4. Corona Crisis Effects of Covid-19 in Germany

Corona Crisis: General Effects of Covid-19

As we know, Covid-19 has spread very quickly across the world, since it was first discovered in China at the end of 2019, leading to what has been called the Corona crisis. Since then, millions of people have been diagnosed and also died of this disease. If we look at three countries: the UK, Hungary and Germany, we can see that as of the 2nd of September, more cases were detected in the UK, as compared to Hungary and Germany. The reasons for this are varied and many people argue about them. Nevertheless, we can see that the policies of the UK government have not worked properly.

Corona Crisis Effects on Education in the UK

Covid-19, also known as the corona crisis, has greatly affected education in the UK. Covid-19 has had a detrimental effect in many countries, including the UK. The UK government has struggled to put any sort of reasonable action plan together to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the UK and to lessen the effects of the Corona crisis.

The Corona crisis has had serious effects on education, but has also had an effect on all sectors of the UK. In actual fact, according to a German radio program , Boris Johnson’s government has been nicknamed the ‘King of U-turns’, (because of the many different U-turns it has taken due to the Covid-19 crisis – German source). Let’s look at some of the U-turns in education policy.

Effects on Education in the U.K.: A-level and GCSE results

No conversation on the effects of the Corona crisis on education in the UK would be complete without looking at the A-level and GCSE results. At the beginning of August, A-level and GCSE results were issued. Normally, the results are determined by exam results. Due to the Corona crisis, teachers were given the responsibility to determine the final levels of their pupils.

Learn about the effects that the Corona Crisis has had on education in the Uk, Hungary and Germany.