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31 Best Short Inspirational Quotes

Step deeper into my world with these 31 best, short, inspirational quotes for work, about life and struggles, about happiness that share motivational and beautiful messages on life.

Earlier this year in March, I started on the path that would lead to creating my short inspirational quotes: I took a huge leap of faith and decided to start my own freelance writing business in addition to my full time career as an elementary educator. To say I was scared is an understatement of epic proportions, but I knew I was more afraid of not trying than I was of trying and failing, a message you see often in my short inspirational quotes.

So how exactly did my short inspirational quotes come to be? I'm glad you asked. To help with my feelings of doubt and fear, during the summer, I decided to revamp my workout routine and add something I dislike, running. My thought was if I could see myself making progress in something tangible, such as speed per mile, distance run, or how I felt a little less like I was dying each day, then I would realize that that same success could be created in my business. This is another theme that frequently pops up in my short inspirational quotes.

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I got way more than I bargained for with running, my new business and the short inspirational quotes I created.

To offset the feelings of doubt and negativity I faced each morning running the treacherous hills in my neighborhood, while pushing my son in his stroller, I would try to think of a short inspirational quote to keep me going. Often I contemplated why I was torturing myself so unnecessarily, but every morning something awesome happened. In between singing ABC's and searching for animals and colors to distract my toddler, a cute short, inspirational quote would come to me.

What are Some Short Inspirational Quotes?

A short, inspirational quote is made up of a few words that motivate, encourage and inspire. The words can be cute, funny, deal with love strength or more. For me, my short inspirational quotes started as a way of getting through my morning runs.

As I was struggling up one of the many hills in my neighborhood, a short, inspirational quote would pop up in my head and motivate me to get through the run and day of activities, writing and publicizing my new business.

One of the first short inspirational quote thoughts that I had was “Train your mindset for success.” I’m sure you’ve heard that where the mind goes, the body follows. I found if I told myself I would run for the first minute and then walk for 30 seconds, I survived the one minute and actually could run even a little more. I was already doing a decent job with my meal prep lifestyle, but the short inspirational quotes were helping with my mindset.

Each time I put my short, inspirational quote about work into action, it was successful, so I kept at it and each day, I saw slight improvement. I figured since it was working during my runs, why not try my deep motivational quotes with PHraseD, LLC (my freelance writing business). Sure enough, if I set a goal to reach out to 10 potential clients each day and post twice to each of my social media accounts or write and edit on my blog, I succeeded. On days when I didn’t “train my mindset,” I typically accomplished very little.

I also decided to start sharing the short, inspirational quotes for work that were occurring to me to my followers because maybe, just maybe, if the quotes was motivating me, it would also motivate them. Recently, one of my followers asked where I got all my great short motivational quotes and it made me very emotional because the little "words" and thoughts that started occurring to me as inspiration with my life and struggles running have become a part of the fabric of my day and those of others. Lately, I have found that same motivation even if I’m not running. Whenever a difficult situation arises, I’ll have a surge of positivity in the form of words (cute short inspirational quote) to help me get by.

Most of the short, inspirational quotes for work that come to me can be divided into two sets: those that deal with mindset and those that deal with goals and success as it relates to work, life, struggles and happiness. I hope each of these motivational quotes is able to remind you how capable, strong, intelligent, powerful and deserving you are. Use them to push you towards your ultimate goals, stop doubt and fight off feelings of inadequacy. Without further ado!


Mindset is normally seen as the beliefs and thoughts you have about life and goals. Mindset affects how you view the world and the part you play in it. For me, I’ve had to reprogram my mindset, since starting the business, to realize that I could be a business owner and a successful one at that. Here are my top short inspirational quotes for work to reset and improve your mindset.

31 Short Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

1. Train your mindset for success

Short inspirational quotes on the importance of training your mindset for success.