5 Tips You Need to Write Excellent Website Copy

writing excellent website copy can help you to find your target audience and grow your business.
How to Write Excellent Website Copy

Are you struggling with what to say on your website? Well, look no further. PHraseD will provide the top 5 things you need to do to write excellent website copy. Even better, I came up with an acronym to help you remember everything. First, let's cover a few basics.

What is Website Copy?

Website copy is the information that appears on your website that helps people to navigate and move through the different pages and sections of your site. It may include information about you, about the products and services that you offer and give information about each page on the site. The website copy on your page is used to convert visitors on your page to clients or customers. As a result, it needs to be well written in order to achieve that goal.

Since website copy is the main method by which you can generate a sale or book a client, it should be written carefully and revised often to meet changes in your business. I've come up with 5 tips to help as you write excellent website copy.

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Here we go with Tip #1:

W: Write

As obvious as it may seem, to have well written copy, you first have to write it. The worst thing you can do is have someone make it to your site and find nothing there, except for pretty pictures and products. Excellent website copy will entertain, inform and convert visitors to your site to customers. Best of all, that transaction happens without direct contact on your part. If converting visitors to your site into customers is one of your goals, one other thing you may also want to look into, in addition to writing excellent website copy is Shareasale. Shareasale, along with your excellent website copy. will drive more traffic to your online store or website and will generate more customer purchases.

Before getting ready to write, consider the goal you are trying to achieve with your copy and also think about your audience. How do you need to deliver or share information with them. Do you need to provide facts and details, less facts packaged in a type of story or some combination of the two?

Regardless of the message you choose, remember to show your target audience why your product or service is needed in a format that they will be able to process. Visit our follow up post Write to the Bank: How to Increase your Online Sales Now for more details on how to write compelling website copy.

Before we move on to tip #2, I want to check that your online business is legal and protected. The last thing that you'd want to do is to create your business and then be sued because you don't have a Comprehensive online legal bundle. This is the same bundle that I use to protect my blog and business and it was both easy and affordable.

Let's keep moving to Tip #2:

R: Revise

This is one of the biggest issues I have noticed on websites, outdated content. When you have a new client engaging with your website, you are building a relationship with them.

Inaccuracies and incorrect information can ruin their trust in your brand before you are even able to establish trust. Make sure that you check the pages and sections of your website frequently to update services, products, contact details and other important aspects of your business. Don't frustrate potential clients in their first encounter with you.

On to Tip #3

I: Include.

Yes, you should definitely include a well-written About Me section. Most shoppers or potential clients are more likely to purchase or use your service if they feel they "know" and trust you.