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No More Battles with the Best, Easy Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast pizza to the rescue. My son usually goes to daycare, but during breaks from school I I try to spend as much time as I can with him. A big part of that bonding time is cooking and feeding him nutritious food. Lately that has been a battle since he has developed an obsession with all things pizza, so I should've been smart enough to look into breakfast pizza.

Now in my family breakfast pizza would be a treat for us, because we use this system called meal prepping for our meals. Meal Prep is typically a method in which a person or group of people plan and make healthy meals in advance to lessen their chance of eating unhealthy meals and also to save money. The great thing about breakfast pizza is it falls right in line with meal prepping.

During meal prep and with breakfast pizza , you plan and fix all your meals on a specific day of the week, share the prepared meals into individual, appropriately sized portions, and eat those meals, instead of cooking daily or eating out. Yes, we do eat out here and there, but the bulk of our meals, come from meal prep. Our breakfast pizza lasted almost a full week.

My husband and I have been doing meal prep for years and have gone through all types of changes with how and what we meal prep (I’ll probably do a follow up on that later). Breakfast pizza is definitely a new addition. For example, I used to prepare (prep) all the meals for both of us weekly.

Then, when I started my PhD program, I continued doing my meal prep, but he took over his. When I got pregnant and had our son, he started doing more of the meal prepping for us all.

Now that my son is older and eating from the family pot more, instead of milk or homemade baby food, I prepare meal prep for my son and me, while my husband still takes care of his own. This is a part of what led me to discover breakfast pizza.

I love our system! There’s no stress over what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, because it’s already prepared. Now, sometimes the drawback is I no longer want to eat something that has been prepped, but there are 3 containers left, so I have to soldier on through it. Honestly though, it works for our family.

Well, let me correct that, it was working until Kingston, my son, hit this I’m independent phase, where he wants to pick what he eats. If you have been around a young child, you know what I'm talking about. Those of you who have children of your own, you already share my pain.

I’m not accustomed anymore to making my breakfast meal prep with Kingston in mind, because he normally eats breakfast, except for on the weekends, at daycare and now at school. Since, eating has been such a battle lately, during our summer break, I decided not to prepare any breakfast meal prep, but to just have some staples and favorites on hand.

I made sure I bought his “usual lineup”, which for him is grits, oatmeal, eggs, orange juice, bacon, and bread. I also made sure to have bananas, flour, baking powder, oil and a few other items handy. My plan each day was just to present him with some choices each morning and make something he selected that I agreed with.

Monday wasn’t bad, I asked Kingston if he wanted grits or toast and he said he wanted grits. He also said he wanted eggs, bacon and apple. No problem, son. Your wish is my command.

Tuesday rolled around and I presented him with the options pancakes or oatmeal. He simply replied, “No. I want it pizza.” I tried explaining to my 3 year old that pizza wasn’t something we ate for breakfast. Now this child loves pizza. It’s typically a once a month, Friday dinner treat in our family, and he normally inhales it, so I wasn’t shocked he asked about it. However, even after my “excellent” explanation, he continued insisting he "wanted it pizza."

Then it dawned on me that there was such a thing as breakfast pizza, I had made it before and I had seen many breakfast pizza recipes with eggs, so maybe there was a way for us to both to maintain our sanity and still eat breakfast.

I took to Pinterest to see if I’d pinned the breakfast pizza recipe. I had not, so I did a quick search and found one that actually “worked” for the items I had on hand. You can find the original recipe here at Sizzle and Salt, but you’ll find below the ingredients and breakfast pizza recipe with eggs that we made. We called it Double Turkey Pizza (not the best name for our breakfast pizza recipe with eggs, but it worked for us). Our breakfast pizza ingredients were :

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Double Turkey Breakfast Pizza Recipe With Eggs

1 cup Coconut flour

¼ tsp salt

¼ tsp pepper

4 eggs

9 strips Turkey bacon

6 slices Turkey sandwich meat

¼ cup Mexican cheese

2 oz. Cream cheese

2 ½ cups Parmesan cheese