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The Awesome Thing You Will be Crazy About: Owl Post Books Subscription

Purchase a gift that will help all the children in your life to become better readers and writers. The Owl Post Books subsciption is affordable and engaging for your little one.
Owl Post Books Subscription Boxes

Weeks ago, I had never even heard of Owl Post Books Subscription or seen an Owl Post Books review. I was just a mom and teacher who loved reading and was trying to help my son develop a love of reading, too. I started reading to my son when I found out I was pregnant at about 6 weeks and haven’t stopped.

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I discovered the Owl Post Books Subscription right when I needed help the most with book selection and I am delighted to share what I discovered in this review as an affliliate for this amazing book subscription for kids. While I was pregnant and right after my son was born, I focused on purchasing classic baby books and new favorites like I Love You Forever, Good Night Moon and the You Must Never series. Then, we went through a themed phase where we collected the best Valentine books and books on love, Anansi books, superhero and dinosaur books, but lately I’ve been struggling with deciding what books to get for our growing library.

For the most part, I had always relied on the book sales held at my school or recommendations from the amazing librarians, teachers and other mothers that I know. Simply put, I was running out of ideas and then the Owl Post Books Subscription box came to my rescue.

I couldn’t understand how I had never heard of Owl Post Books Subscription boxes before. There it was. The perfect solution to my book problem in the most cleverly designed box that is a part of the Owl Post Books experience. As I read up on the company, I was even more excited to discover that the owner and founder was a veteran educator of 15 years, just like me. Her stated mission for Owl Post Books “ to provide amazing quality books in a convenient and fun way that is affordable to anyone” was music to my ears. I especially loved that the Owl Post Books Subscription boxes took the age of the reader into consideration.

If you have never heard of the Owl Post Books Subscription box before, you probably have several questions. I will answer all the ones that I had about the Owl Post Books Subscription boxes for you because they may be some of the same ones you are having right now.

What is an Owl Post Books Subscription?

The Owl Post Books Subscription is the answer for parents and teachers who want to share a love of reading with their children and students. It takes the pressure of book and activity selection away, leaving only the joy of reading and bonding together.

Owl Post Books Subscription is a book subscription that provides hands-on activities and specially selected books for young readers from 0-3, 4-7 and 8-11, with their Owl Post Books imagination boxes.Owl Post Books also offers a book of the month and a young reader and writers subscription box for children over the age of 12 years old.

Even though the book sales at my school had been a good place and method for finding books over the years. Lately, I have been looking for other ways to get excellent books and to also try to combine those books with some activities my son and I could enjoy together. As I said above, Owl Post Books Subscription boxes came to the rescue. Before I talk more about the amazing books and activities provided in each Owl Post books subscription box, let’s talk about the importance of reading with children.

I am a language arts teacher and have worked in elementary education for 15 years. One of the most important and meaningful things that a parent can do with their child, to positively impact their academic success, is to read to them and with them. Reading to a child has been proven to contribute to future reading success. Are you a little lost when it comes to reading with your child? Do you need some pointers? Here are some specific tips that you should follow when reading with your child.