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How to use Ibotta to Earn Money and Save Big Immediately

What is Ibotta, how do I use Ibotta and how does Ibotta really work? These are usually the responses I get when I start telling friends about the money I save and earn while shopping for things I was going to buy anyway. I mean honestly, who doesn't want to earn money online and save big buying the things they have to buy anyway? Who doesn't love online shopping? It allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home, without putting on real clothes or driving anywhere. The majority of my current purchases are made online. Some of the retailers I frequent are Amazon, Kohl's, The Children's Place, Old Navy, and Target. This is why I was so happy when I discovered Ibotta, learned how to use it (it is easy peesy) and started using it to save and earn money. Yes, Ibotta really works.

Recently (maybe two year ago, now), I heard about Ibotta, figured out how to use it and realized that it really did work at helping my family to not only save money, but earn cash. My husband couldn't believe that I had found a way to shop from my favorite retailers, mostly from the comfort of our home, while saving money and also earning cash back online, on purchases I was going to make anyway. What's better is that Ibotta is simple to use and doesn't require a lot of complicated steps.

Want to know more about Ibotta, how to use Ibotta and see the proof that Ibotta really works? Then, keep reading.

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What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a technology company based out of Denver, Colorado. Ibotta allows users, with the app enabled on their phone, to earn cash back for in store and online purchases. All they require to earn cash back is that you verify your purchases with a receipt.

I found Ibotta, started to use it and found out it really works when I was converting from using newspaper clipped coupons to online coupons. Ibotta provides savings on popular grocery/ household item chains like Kroger, Walmart, Target, Sams, Publix, Costco, and Food Lion. Initially, I only used them for coupons, but then I realized that they also offer cash back from many other popular companies like Amazon Ebay, Gap, Kohl's, Macy’s JCPenny, Zulily, Old Navy and many more. Can you say jackpot? at that point, I started checking the Ibotta app before making any purchases and was able to increase my savings and earnings.

How Ibotta Works Video?

As you can see in the video above, Ibotta is easy to use and it really works to help you save and earn cash on your purchases. Not only can you use Ibotta for grocery and online purchases, they even offer cash back for restaurants, such as Olive Garden and Chipotle, entertainment companies like Groupon, Fandango and Hulu and the list literally goes on and on.

Categories you can use on Ibotta to earn cash back. Yes, Ibotta really works
How to Use Ibotta: Categories on Ibotta

How do you use Ibotta?

Like I mentioned before, one of my favorite things about Ibotta is how easy it is to use. Yes, I want to save money and earn cash, but I don't have hours or too many minutes even to invest in that process. Don't believe that Ibotta is easy to use, let me prove it to you. First, you'll want to use the link here, which features my Ibotta referral code, to download the app and sign up. Once you have downloaded the app, you are ready to start using Ibotta to save money and earn cash. Below, I give you some step by step instructions you can follow to help you to use Ibotta for your first few purchases, until you get comfortable with the steps (it won't take you long at all).

How to use Ibotta for in-store purchases:

1. Before shopping, open the app and find featured items that you plan to purchase.

2. Click on each featured item you plan to buy to add them to your offers. (For some featured products, you may need to watch a video for a few seconds).

3. Shop as you would normally do.

4. Verify your purchases by scanning your receipt or linking your shopper's loyalty cards and then once your purchase is confirmed, you will receive your cash back. I recommend linking your Ibotta app to your grocery loyalty card/s to easily verify purchases that way or you can take and upload pictures of your receipt/s to earn cash back for qualifying purchases.

How do you scan receipts for Ibotta?

After making your purchase, use your smart phone or tablet to take a picture of your receipt in the app. The app will guide you with on screen tips on how to line up the receipt and what to do if your receipt is long. If your receipt is long, you will take pictures of the receipt in sections and then add new sections.

For some items, you may need to use your phone to scan the bar code of your purchased item, to make sure you purchased the right kind of item. After you have scanned your items and uploaded your receipt, you'll get an email that your transaction is being processed and then you will get another email confirming how much cash back you have earned. That's it. That's how to use Ibotta in a nutshell to start saving cash and earning money.

How do you use Ibotta for online purchases:

1. Launch the Ibotta app, before making an online purchase, to see what offers exist.

2.Go to your online shopping destination from the Ibotta app and shop as you normally would.

3. Receive cash back for any eligible featured purchases that you make.

Didn't I tell you in the beginning that Ibotta was easy to use and that it's going to help your family to save money and earn cash?

How do you receive your cash back with Ibotta or How does Ibotta pay work?

This is the part that I love the most. You get to choose how you’d like to receive your cash back. You can choose to link your Ibotta account to Paypal or Venmo or your bank account and have your earned cash paid out to you there. (You’ll need to have at least $20 in cash back built up before cashing out ).

Also, you can choose to receive your cash back in gift cards. There is a large variety of gift cards to choose from.

1. When you are ready to cash out from Ibotta, click to go to your account at the bottom right of the app.

2. Next, check to make sure you have at least $20 in earnings and then click on the green button under your lifetime earnings that says "Withdraw cash."

3. Select the option you'd like to use to receive your cash (Paypal, bank account or giftcard) and then proceed through the final steps.

How does Ibotta really work? Ibotta offer bonuses for certain companies and products that let you save more money and earn more cash back.
How does Ibotta really work: Earn more with bonuses

How Ibotta referral works?

Did I mention that you can earn even more cash with Ibotta in another simple way? Silly me. You can. You can save even more on Ibotta by inviting friends and family to use the app, too. Ibotta often has specials where you can receive specific cash back amounts for inviting and getting a certain number of people to download and use the app. Once they join and make their first purchase, you can earn different dollar amount combos.

Also, when you have people who have joined using your link, you can form a team and work together to earn even more cash back and rewards. In addition, Ibotta has special bonuses they offer. They typically relate to a special company or brand, but give you yet another way to maximize your earnings. Just to make sure you're following Ibotta is easy to use, lets you save money and earn cash and rewards you and your family and friends for buying things you were going to buy anyway.

Learn how to use Ibotta: You can earn more money by inviting friends and family and working as a team to complete challenges.
How to use Ibotta: Invite friends and save even more

How to add teammates with Ibotta?

There are several ways to add teammates with Ibotta to help your loved ones save more and to help each of you to earn money faster.

1. Go to your downloaded app and click on account.

2. Next, click Invite friends.

3. From there, select if you'd like to send invites via email, text and more, through Facebook or through Twitter. The app will then send a invitation to join Ibotta to the person/s you've selected through the method you've selected. If they have not had an account with Ibotta before and as long as they join through that message, they'll be added to your team.

4. You can also copy your referral code and send a personalized message to family and friends.

Ready to save more with Ibotta? Click here and use my Ibotta referral code to download the app and start earning cash back on Amazon and all your other favorite shopping destinations. I'm excited to save even money and earn cash back with you. Happy shopping and saving. Don't forget to click my referral link and start using Ibotta immediately. you'll quickly see for yourself that Ibotta really works to help you save money and earn cash back in a few simple steps.

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Love this idea! I have never heard of Ibotta before but will definitely check it out! Thanks for the info.


I've absolutely loved it. We've cashed in our earnings for giftcards or just transferred it to our PayPal account.


Yes Crystal, my family and I used it for almost all of our online shopping. We especially love it for groceries and our favorite retail stores.


I've used Ibotta in the past, for in store purchases...I didn't realize it's full functionality! It can really save some serious cash!


I haven't heard about Ibotta until now. I feel this is going to be a great help.

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