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The 5 Small Business Tools and Software You Need to Succeed Now

5 tools and software small businesses need to succeed that will help them to find and get clients, be organized and keep track of important business functions.
5 Tools & Software Small Businesses Need Now

I didn’t have a clue about the small business tools and software I would need. Two years ago, I dove head first into my freelance writing and then blogging business because I kept seeing small businesses and individuals I knew struggling with their writing on social media. I realized there was a gap in the market and I knew, with my background in writing and marketing, I could help them. Looking back now I can see that getting started helping individuals and small businesses was my only focus. I would quickly realize that I needed small business tools and software, not just skill and know how, to make my small business work.

Before we go down the rabbit hole of the small business tools and software that your business needs, let’s see if you're ready to start a small business. Answer the following questions honestly:

  1. Are you passionate about a topic or have some area of expertise?

  2. Is there a need for that topic or area of expertise?

  3. Do you have some capital to invest into your business (depending on the business you want to start you may need to start an LLC or purchase some specialty equipment, if you don't already have them or have access to them)?

  4. Do you have some time to set aside to promote and or create the product or provide the service for your business?

  5. Do you have a business plan?

  6. Are you willing to learn?

  7. Can you be flexible and adjust as needed?

  8. Do you have a name for your business?

  9. What will be the purpose of your business?

  10. Who is your target audience?

  11. What is your plan to reach your target audience?

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How did you do answering those questions? Pretty good? Well, you may very well be ready to take the next step with your business and no, it’s not looking for the best small business tools and software you need to succeed now, not yet anyway.

After I went through my own process like the one above, I brainstormed the main purpose of my business, which was to help individuals and small business owners to write better so that they could find and get more clients. I made a list of possible names, mission statements and then I started sketching logos.

Once I finalized my business's name and mission statement, I formed an LLC and then had my logo designed professionally. After that, I was ready to start sharing and promoting my business, but how? Now, we’re finally ready to start talking about the first small business tool and software that you need to succeed now.

The 5 Small Business Tools and Software You Need to Succeed Now

1st Small Business Tool and Software You Need to Succeed Now: Canva

The first small business tool and software that I started using was Canva . Everywhere I looked I saw people singing its praises as the best way to create branded content for your business that would be professional and catch the eye of potential clients. At first, I tried the free version, but I loved it so much and used it so often that I quickly upgraded to the pro version, so I could access more templates and pictures.

Wondering how you can use this small business tool and software in your business? Well, Canva is perfect for creating social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. You can use it to help you to edit pictures, create videos and create pamphlets, brochures, cards, documents and so much more. It actually is amazing how much this one small business tool and software can do to help your business succeed now.

Never heard of this small business tool and software and need some support? Well, there are tons of how tos and informational guides you can use to help you become an expert at creating your own branded content. Interested in a follow up or in depth post on Canva? let me know in the comments below. I guarantee this small business tool and software will make content creation for your small business easier and will help you be seen by potential clients.

2nd Small Business Tool and Software You Need to Succeed Now: Tailwind

The second small business tool and software that you need for your business to succeed now is Tailwind. One of the most overwhelming parts of being a small business owner is marketing yourself to your target audience and being visible and engaged on social media.

At first, before I found this small business tool and software that you need to be successful, I struggled. I was spending way too much time online and when I was online, I wasn’t being productive. I would get distracted scrolling and leave without posting the posts, captions and hashtags I had spent so much time creating and researching. Relieved doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt when I discovered this small business tool and software that I needed to be successful.