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T'was Minutes After the Feast (a holiday poem for teachers)

Tonight, as I was preparing my dish for my holiday feast/luncheon at work, I had an idea for a poem modeled after "T'was the Night Before Christmas."

I literally started thinking of the lines as I was cooking. With each line, I chuckled more and more until my husband started giving me a quizzical look.

Once I explained what was going on, he walked away and left me to it. Within a few minutes the poem was complete.

My work family is literally the best. One of the main reasons I think they're the best is because they love to eat and find every opportunity to do so.

Seriously though, I have the honor of working with some of the most dedicated teachers, who pour everything they have into our sweet children daily. I've very thankful to be a part of my immediate (school) and extended (district) work family.

If you work with a similar staff or have a special teacher or teachers in your child's life that you plan to get a Christmas gift for, visit our follow up post 25 of the Best Teacher Gifts They Actually Want (Tips from a Veteran Teacher).

Back to the poem though. Initially my plan was just to get approval from my principal to share it via email with our entire staff, but then I thought maybe other teachers and staffs would enjoy it.

After all, we can't be the only staff who loves eating and looks for ways to eat and spend quality, non stressful time together. Then I also thought that there might be other staff or teachers that need a pick me up around this time of the year.

We are in need of all the laughter and positivity we can get as we valiantly battling cold and flu season, strep throat, stomach bugs, exhaustion, and children who are ridiculously energized about the upcoming holiday season. To make matters worse, we've had some full moons thrown into the mix as well.

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To combat all the things that can drain us, enter food and this poem about our holiday feasts to the rescue.

I hope you enjoy it and share it with your teacher friends everywhere who may be in need of a good laugh.

T’was minutes after the feast

and all throughout the school,

Not a teacher was stirring

because they were too full.

All the plates had been cleaned,

not a crumb was left behind,

All over the building

people kept checking the time.

Then a loud noise was heard,

on the kindergarten hall, there was a fight,

You could hear someone yelling,

“Give me the mat, so I can take this nap right.”

Eyelids were drooping,

teachers hung on for dear life,

To keeping teaching math and science

while their waistbands squeezed tight.

When dismissal finally started,

teachers let out relieved sighs,

And shook their heads with regret

from that last slice of pie.

And I heard a teacher exclaim

as the last bus rolled away,

“I’m not going to be able to fit

into my jeans after today.”

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This is so great! Can relate to it in the corporate world as well-- Clo Bare


Hahaha I love this! Great job


Super cute! Takes me back to days as room mom and the huge feasts we would have for every holiday.


This is so cute! I shared it with my teacher friends!


I just love that poem! You are Amazing ❤️

Nilakshi @

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