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"Wondogfilled" - A Whimsical Exploration of a Dog-Lover's World

Kingston's Wonderful "Dog-Filled" Universe

Do you have a little dog lover in your life? Do they eat, sleep, and breathe dogs? Do you want that little dog lover to also be a book lover and fall in love with books as much as they've fallen in love with dogs? Well, then you should step into our WONderful DOG FILLED world.

Wonderful dog filled book for little dog lovers
New Book Alert: Wondogfilled

The magical world of a child is often filled with the power and wonder of their imagination. For young Kingston, the main character in book two of the Boys Unboxed collection, this means seeing the world through his big love for dogs - where every creature, from the purring cat on his walk to the towering elephant in his book, is just a new type of "dog" to love and enjoy. In "Wondogfilled", a delightful tale spun with humor and heart, we dive into Kingston's imaginative perspective and witness the comedic twist it brings to his everyday encounters.

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From "I Love a Good Book" to "Wondogfilled"

Following the successful launch and heartwarming message of "I Love a Good Book", our journey into the world of children’s literature continues with a light-hearted twist. While our previous Boys Unboxed book focused on the joy of reading, "Wondogfilled" offers an amusing exploration of childhood perceptions and the endearing stubbornness of a young boy's imagination.

Kingston and his mom see a "dog" on their walk
Sneak peek at Wondogfilled

What Was the Inspiration for Wondogfilled?

Wondogfilled" is based on the real life adventures of my son, Kingston, and me. Kingston's second word in spoken language and sign language was dog. He looked forward to our walks to see and "talk" to the dogs in our neighborhood each day. He loved visiting family and friends to spend time with their dogs and no matter what I did or said, his answer when I tried to introduce him to a new animal was to say excitedly, "dog!" Wondogfilled was born from imagining what was going on inside his mind as he saw these different animals and my attempts to start teaching him what they were.

Kingston trying to stay close to the dogs of some friends
Little Dog Lover

Who Should Step Into This Wonderful "Dog-Filled" World?

"Wondogfilled" is perfect for:

  • Tiny Dog Enthusiasts: For those kids who, like Kingston, squeal in delight every time they see a canine companion.

  • Little Daydreamers: For our little readers who transform the mundane into magical through their imaginative lens.

  • Everyone Who Loves a Giggle: Kingston's unwavering belief that every animal, be it a bear, a hamster, or even an elephant, is a dog promises chuckles and laughter.

The book for little dog lovers everywhere
Wondogfilled Cover

What Makes "Wondogfilled" Special?

Kingston's unwavering passion for dogs and his humorous encounters make this tale special. As he exclaims "Look, a dog!" while pointing to an unsuspecting hamster or oblivious cat and explaining why they're in fact "dogs", readers, young and old, will find themselves chuckling at his innocence and imagination. The genuine humor, combined with the book's heartwarming undertones, makes it a perfect addition to any child's bookshelf.

What Are People Saying About Wondogfilled?

Curious to hear what people are saying about Wondogfilled so far? Teachers, parents and children are enjoying this humorous look into a little dog lover's imagination. Even dogs can't get enough of Wondogfilled!

Miss London gives Wondogfilled 5 barks!
Miss London and her copy of Wondogfilled

Wondogfilled Look, A Dog!: Brooke Young on Instagram

"Is an adorable, hilarious, fun, creative, fabulous, silly, precious, lovely, and wonderful story! I am obsessed with this sweet story! It has captured my dog loving heart! I completely relate to the witty, funny, and adorable dog loving main character, Kingston. This cute young boy is crazy for dogs. He loves stroking their fur, cuddles, licks, trying to communicate with them through barking, and absolutely everything about them. Kingston loves all dogs regardless of size, hair type, shape, ear point etc. He sees them every day on his daily walk. One day his mom is being extra goofy. She calls a dog a cat!! Kingston quickly realizes his mother is playing a silly game. This exasperated momma tries her hardest, but will Kingston ever learn there are more animals in this world than his beloved dogs? I absolutely love this book! Though I love many animals, I don't blame Kingston a bit for wishing they were all dogs. Dogs are my obsession too 😂."

"I absolutely love this book for my kindergarteners. They love helping me identify the animals in the story and to see if Kingston, the main character is correct or incorrect. Sooooooo much fun 😊"

Wondogfilled is a beautifully narrated story told by young Kingston: Jenise Watts on Amazon

"Wondogfilled is a beautifully narrated story told by young Kingston. The story is a wonderful depiction of how children interact with language and make connections with the world around them. Such a humorous read. I love it!!!!"

Join Us in Kingston's World

Embark on this whimsical adventure and see the world through Kingston's "dog-tinted" glasses. "Wondogfilled" will be available starting October 2023. Don’t forget to share with all of the dog lovers in your life and grab extra copies for all your little loves.

A children's book to celebrate kids who love dogs in a humorous way
New Children's Books for Little Dog Lovers

Before You Head Off

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