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The Best Easy Healthy Cauliflower Fried Rice You Need to Make Now

This ground turkey and cauliflower recipe is going to become one of your favorites. If you meal prep or are living a meal prep lifestyle, it will be a perfect addition to your meal prep recipes. I know it has become a favorite for me. Even if you don’t meal prep, I think you will still love this easy and healthy ground turkey and cauliflower fried rice recipe.

I know, I know, a ground turkey and cauliflower fried rice recipe, but I promise you will love it. It is simple, only needs a few fresh ingredients and they are all tasty and good for you. I came up with this ground turkey and cauliflower recipe as I started to make a more healthy change to my meal prep lifestyle.

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If you have been a follower of the blog or my social media posts, you are used to my weekly meal prep posts. I recently did a write up on the blog about my 7 year (since 2013) journey with meal prep. If you want to know more about how to start your own meal prep journey, all the ways that meal prep can be useful to you and your family and awful meal prep mistakes to avoid, be sure to visit that post.

Some people may think that a drawback to meal prepping, especially for such a long time is boredom in food, but for me it has been the opposite. I am actually way more creative because since the meals I prepare are things I plan to eat for several days during the week, I try to make sure that they are not only nutritious and healthy, but delicious too. This is how this ground turkey and cauliflower fried rice recipe was born.

I love fried rice, but not the calories or some of the less nutritious and unhealthy ingredients. However, I have been using cauliflower as a substitute for some of my favorite carbs (rice and mashed potatoes) for several weeks now. I am actually very impressed with a cauliflower mashed potato recipe that I made and may share it on the blog, if there’s interest in that cauliflower recipe.

To get back to this ground turkey and cauliflower fried rice recipe, one weekend, I was really missing fried rice, so I decided to try to make my own version of fried rice with cauliflower instead. It turned out so well that I want to share my ground turkey and cauliflower fried rice recipe with you.

Ground turkey and Cauliflower Fried Rice Recipe perfect for your meal prep week and lifestyle.
Ground Turkey and Cauliflower Recipe

Like I mentioned above, my ground turkey and cauliflower fried rice recipe only needs a few ingredients. To make this delicious fried rice, you will need cauliflower fried rice (you can make it yourself from scratch), but personally I buy it premade and frozen to cut down on the time it takes to prepare my weekly meals. You will also need ground turkey, olive oil, bell peppers, frozen mixed vegetables, low sodium soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, honey and an egg.

Fried rice can be made in many ways, but even when I ate the not so healthy versions, I kept my add-ons or condiments light (sauces and oils), but you can feel free to adjust your condiments to your taste and liking with this ground turkey cauliflower fried rice.

Without further ado, let’s get into this amazing and easy ground turkey and cauliflower fried rice recipe, so you can start making and enjoying it.

What ingredients do you need for Turkey and Cauliflower Fried Rice?

Here are the ingredients that you will need for the turkey and cauliflower fried rice: